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the invisible.

This is the place where ideas get a makeover.

You're an innovator, speaker, dreamer, writer, content creator, entrepreneur, et al.. In essence, you're a builder. Maybe even a rebuilder, if you're trying to bring change to an area that's broken down. 

And I'm guessing you're passionate. You've spent hours thinking about and working on an idea you're ready to share with the world.
But there's a catch.

Untitled_Artwork 124.png
How it works

You've got your thousand words,
but no picture.

And there's nothing worse than sitting on
an important idea
other people
don't understand.

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Image by Henry & Co.
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Your idea is worth illustrating. Worth enhancing. Worth making beautiful.
Let's give it a makeover your audience won't forget.

Here's how it works.
(The process is simple. No headaches needed.)

(your idea)

(your idea. Time for

a fashion makeover)

(how they influence

one another)


(your audience)

“You can find someone who can do graphic design anywhere. What you can't find is someone like Sarah who can take your complicated idea and communicate it clearly. If she says she can do it, believe her, hire her, and prepare to be impressed.”


Jonathan Brush,

President & CEO of Unbound


the face

And I love

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Re•Thinker is a resource designed to help you rethink – a project, a system,
an idea, a message,
or a problem you are passionate about addressing. This is like physical therapy, for your mind, delivered to your inbox.
With no copay. 

I'm curious. Sign me up.

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P.S. Dear website visitor, in the event you're suffering from imposter syndrome, let me challenge you: there is no such thing as a "small" idea.

I know it might feel small. 
It might feel like it doesn't matter.

But what if you took a chance and believed it did?

I'm curious what would happen. Aren't you?


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