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the invisible.

This is the spot where 

creativity and curiosity collide.

You're an innovator, speaker, business owner, writer, consultant, teacher, creative, entrepreneur, et al.. In essence, you're a builder. Maybe even a rebuilder, if you're trying to bring change to an area that's broken down, or feels messy.

And I'm guessing you're passionate. You've done the whole "blood-sweat-and-tears" routine.
But there's a catch.

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How it works

People are only getting a fraction of who you are. They're not seeing you. 
They're not hearing you. 
And they're missing
your true value.

And the real risk is not that you're overlooked –it's that you start to believe you deserve to be. 

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Image by Henry & Co.
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Don't make
invisibility your fate. 

My Services
(You can Mix and Match Upon Request)
The Details

Whether digital or print, I got you covered.

Explore my design services here.

I meet you where you're at and challenge you to go where you'd never thought you could.

Curated resources designed to help move you from overthinking to rethinking.

Have an event coming up? Or looking for ways to develop your team? Book a speaking session with me.

"Sarah is the best designer I’ve worked with. She has done incredible work for my business website, books and keynotes. She’s on time, on budget, always understands the big vision of what I’m trying to communicate, and is able to carry it forward into great design."

Justin Whitmel Earley,

Business Lawyer, Author, and Speaker

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the face

And I'm


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Re•Thinker is a resource designed to help you rethink – a project, a system,
an idea, a message,
or a problem you are passionate about addressing. This is like physical therapy, for your mind, delivered to your inbox.
With no copay. 

I'm curious. Sign me up.

Thanks for subscribing!

P.S. Dear website visitor, in the event you're suffering from imposter syndrome, let me challenge you: you have something valuable inside you.

I know it might feel small. 
It might feel like it doesn't matter.

But what if you took a chance and believed it did?

I'm curious what would happen. Aren't you?


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