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Resources for people who are trying to build, or rebuild - starting with their thought process:

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Book Recommendations

You'll find a variety of topics, authors, and types of books listed here. This is because we often learn best by cross-pollenation, an idea highlighted by the first two on the list.

*Note: I am not compensated for sharing these resources. They're from me to you with no other angle other than I love them. And I think they're valuable. 

Movie, Clips, & Documentary Recommendations

Some of these lean heavily on the information. Some of these are here precisely because they're unexpectedly quiet - see the MY NAME IS SALT documentary specifically. Each one is picked intentionally to stretch your thought process.

*Note: I am not compensated for sharing these resources, either (see previous section). You can click a thousand times, and I'll get the same three-figure amount $0.00.

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