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You've already tackled a lot.

What more could you do, with someone in your corner?

Topic Areas:

Brand Identity

Whether you're looking for a tune-up or a complete overhaul, we'll walk through:

  • Branding Aesthetics

  • Audience

  • Voice / Communication

  • Vision and Mission

Employee Development

The health of your venture (even if you're solo) depends on the health of your people. They're inseparable. We'll talk:

  • Mental Health

  • Leadership

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Rethinking vs. Overthinking


If you're crafting a pitch, fleshing out a book, or looking for ways to increase effective communication, I'll help you work through:

  • Your Communication Style

  • Target Audience

  • Key Ideas


Learn to develop creativity within your team, yourself, or a project. Topics include:

  • Cross-Pollenation Learning

  • Leading Creatives

  • An Innovative Mindset

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Anxiety and the Impact of Change

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My Approach

My first job ever was working as a swim instructor.

Since then, I've learned there's a similarity between teaching others to swim and consulting. Both involve a frightening unknown. Both can have high stakes. Both require trust in this stranger that's supposed to keep you safe.

But whatever "water" you're in, I want you to take this encouragement to heart: I've got you.

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